About Us

Our story at Artem Luxe:

We bring you products that are non-toxic, sumptuous and highly effective. We boast of results that you can see and feel overnight.

Our silk sleep masks and pillowcases are created from 100% mulberry silk, the most naturally crafted silk left on the planet today. The farming of these silk worms is done organically, feeding them on a strict diet of our home grown mulberry leaves, which are grown free of pesticides.

A diet of mulberry leaves enables the silk worms to create the highest grade 6a long fibre, each which expand 30-40 meters. This fibre is then threaded together to create the thickest silk available, of 22 momme count. Our silk fabric is free of synthetic dye and is non-toxic. With a charmeuse finish, our silk has a natural shine.

Each stage of production is carefully safeguarded. We are serious about luxury quality and focus on achieving flawless products. All our silk products are inspected at every step of the production process and comply with Oeko-Tex Standard. Our packaging is also plastic free and designed to be reusable.

Our silk has been developed and refined at our sustainable sericulture for over 15 years and we bring to you our perfect combination of softness, thickness, durability, and shine. We are the most luxurious, ethically made and environmentally friendly silk available on the market today. 

The legend behind silk:

According to Chinese legend, empress Lei-Tsu discovered silk over 4000 years ago. A cocoon dropped into her to tea-cup and began to expand until it spread across her entire garden. The Chinese carefully safeguarded the secrets of silk production for thousands of years, as silk was more valuable than gold and led to the expansion of trade from the East to the West. 

Today, silk is still the Queen of Textiles. It's the longest lasting fabric, the most luxurious and it holds many beauty and health benefits.

At Artem Luxe we celebrate the existence of culturally rich and traditional goods that hold strong to the test of time. In China, the Silk Goddess is still worshipped to this day and we understand why: silk is beauty sleeps greatest secret. We celebrate this ancient and ethereal material by sourcing all our silk from the original birthplace of silk, at the start of The Silk Road.