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Talks with Ethical and Organic, INKA Botanicals

Ambassadors of Morocco's traditional beauty & wellbeing, INKA Botanicals is making waves in the ethical and organic beauty industry.

The Stages of Sleep & Tips to Improve Yours

If sleep were easy, we would all do it, yes? But we don’t – not successfully. This blog post discusses the 5 stages of sleep and how to improve your sleep. 

Interview: Dietitian Nutritionist, Emily Leeming

We met up with Dietitian Nutritionist, Emily Leeming to talk about why you can’t have health without a positive relationship with food. 

Guide to a Natural Korean Skincare Routine

Your guide to the famous 10 step Korean beauty routine using only with natural products. Over the last few years, we've tested many of the wonderful skincare goodies that Korea has created. We wanted to share with you the best of the best that we found along the way. 

Interview: Jacob Mellish, professional yoga instructor

We met up with yoga teacher and professional surfer Jacob Mellish to talk about health, positive living and the importance of sleep.

Biologically Closest to Human Skin

SILK is biologically closer to human skin that any other fabric we use, but is it durable?

In our last blog, we mentioned that silk threads are made up of amino acids which work together with our skin cells to relax stressed nervous systems thus aiding our ability to fall into deep sleep. But is this biocompatible fabric durable enough for our busy lifestyles? 

Guide to buying natural & organic beauty

Many of the shampoos, moisturizers and other beauty products we use can have a detrimental effect, not only on our skin, but also on our long-term health. At Artem Luxe, we don't use any ingredients we believe could cause you or the planet harm. Here are 5 we avoid & why.

Do you get enough sleep?

How can you improve your beauty and health with sleep? Fight risks of high blood pressureheart disease, anxiety, obesitydiabetes and dementia by improving your sleep. Deep sleep is the time our body uses for healing. In this deep sleep time, there is physical renewal, hormonal regulation, immune system boosting and growth.